Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Not-Depressing Blog

WARNING: This is NOT a "Year in Review"-style blog. To review 2013 I'd have to do more remembering than my mind can handle right now. Also I believe that "Year in Review" anythings are dumb.


So a friend of mine mentioned a few months back that he had read one of my previous blogs and it was depressing and making him depressed. And now looking pack at my pages my last two blogs were respectively a small group of creepypastae and a prior diversion linking to them. In other words I've been super productive (and that is sarcasm).

So allow me to cobble together a blog of not-depressing things that have come up recently.

The weather here (yes I'm going to talk about the weather, deal) has not been nearly as bad as in Toronto. For those of you who don't know, Toronto was hit by a major ice storm around Dec 21 of last year and several thousands of people had been without power until....well at the very least the first week of January. Thankfully Toronto's oh-so-competent (sarcasm again) mayor Ford was on the case, declaring things NOT a state of emergency and letting his poor people fend for themselves. An artist I follow actually temporarily moved out of the city while the power issues were getting sorted out. Since he's up and working again I'm going to assume things have indeed been sorted and power has returned to most households.

Yes the storm is kind of a depressing thing, but none of my family or anyone I know personally came to any harm so that's good, right? The snow in my university town has actually been quite picturesque recently. There were a few warm days and all the packed snow turned to wicked uneven ice but it's gotten cold again and snowed some today, now everything is again covered in a nice puffy white layer. (I wish it was still snowing so I could try to get a picture of it for you guys). The giant snowflake clusters and fairly gentle wind put me in a nice zen mood today while I was walking to catch a bus.

For Christmas (not terribly religious, more of an excuse to get together with family and get each other stuff) I had gone pseudo-low-budget and decided to knit the gifts I would give that year. The results were three hats for a friend, my aunt (this but in cream without the braids) and my dad and a small cowl/scarf thing for my step-mum (because I was sick of knitting hats). My knitted gifts actually went over really well, it was nice to have hand-made something and see my effort greatly appreciated. It's hard to translate my warm fuzzy feelings into text but it really was that silly sort of holiday cheer you get in movies.

Lately I've been picking away at art and writing projects. My best ideas come from crazy dreams I have and I'm trying to get into the habit of writing them down as soon as I can. Keep an eye on my DeviantArt page journals, I may throw some pitches out to help get things established.

Classes have started for the winter semester and I'm really excited for what I'm doing this time. Three (count 'em!) science courses: Invertebrate Zoology (which is way cooler than it sounds), Community Ecology (a neat integrative course), and Plant Physiology (also cooler than it sounds); and one English course, Literary Form and Genre (we're doing folklore, isn't that awesome?!)

See? I can write about positive things. (Hopefully that's a good injection of optimism for the next two or three months until my next blog...)

Until next time!