Friday, October 26, 2012

Obligatory Hallowe'en Blog!

Yes its that time of year again- No, not the few times a year I actually get around to updating this thing, I meant Hallowe'en! So obviously I have to do some kind of holiday special....Yes, one of my most favourite holidays of the year, where you get an excuse to run around in costume and scare children! AND there's free food! How much better can it get?

I'll tell you how much better: Free scares too! (Yup. Just when you though I'd gotten around to actually writing something, I go cop-out with posting other peoples' stuff. But seriously, take a look! Don't worry there's going to be some actual thought in this one.)

So, Creepypastas. "Creepypasta" derives from "copypasta", which is a kind of urban legend on the internet; the name comes from the fact that they are usually copy-pasted between forums and message boards. Creepypastas specifically are meant to be internet ghost stories. Something I've found with quite a few creepypastas is that they like to ruin your childhood: cartoons and beloved games especially are twisted and darkened just to give you chills. "Low blows" you may say- "fair play" says I, I like to get spooked just a little and I prefer the lingering kind of horror to the gory stuff. I've grown fond of creepypastas, especially because most of them are text-based, making you READ them and letting your mind fill in the gruesome details. ooOOOoooOOoooh!

For this blog's spook-tacular, I've compiled a few text and video creepypastas suggested to me by friends and the good people of the internet, along with quick explanations (if needed) of what I know about what lies beyond.

Without further ado and arranged in no particular order:

1: Squidward's Suicide
(Yup, breaking out the big guns for the first one, hope it doesn't scare you off!) This is one of the first "legit" creepypastas I ever read, found on the long-running "Scary Thread" on the Escapist Magazine forums (I'll link it at the very end, no worries). This one actually kept me up late a bit, though that could be because the mental images were also blended with a few other pastas and videos I'd watched that day. If you are a big fan of SpongeBob Squarepants, maybe don't read this one.

I believe this particular pasta is derived from a slightly older story called "Suicide Mouse" which involves lost Soviet-era footage of a very disturbing Mickey Mouse cartoon. The progression and tone of the two stories are very similar (I read the "original" but never could sit through the video. Feel free to look either of them up). I believe there is also a Squidward's Suicide animation somewhere on YouTube. I have included a wikia entry with text and a few stills only.

2: Pokemon: Lost Silver
Let's give your eyes a rest for this one, it's a video! I'm not terribly familiar with the Lost Silver pasta or how it came about, but there seems to be quite a bit of YouTube/assorted web coverage and repostings of it, so I decided to check it out. Due to its infamy, there was even a ROM-hack mod made in its honour, which is the video behind this reading. It's not terribly scary, just unsettling in its own way. There seem to be quite a few Pokemon-based horror stories, myths and creepypastas. (There's at least one more in this blog I can tell you that!)

3: Candle Cove
This is a shorty but a good one. I asked my friends during one of our Pathfinder meetings if they knew any good creepypastas since I felt I had worn out YouTube and I was in the lazy phase of research. One of them just said "Candle Cove" and left it at that. Thank you good sir for your suggestion. I'm not even going to explain this one, just read it, it's short.

4: Where Bad Kids Go
While we're on the topic of children's programming, here's one I found on the Escapist Scary Thread. I was clicking around random page numbers and the image of the video caught my eye. (For those interested, I believe the video is just a ferrofluid -an iron solution- being held in that spiny formation and rotated so the spines jiggle. It's not really there for any reason other than to be a bizarre background image.) This is a short one as well. Best not to give it much thought....

5: Cedar Cove Incident
This was was within a single link of Candle Cove on the Ichor Falls site, so I gave it a look. Some pretty good scary imagery in this one, it's short as well. Unfortunately I couldn't find the fabled video to go with it- this is a good example of a real-sounding pasta that's obviously fake. Still, not a bad diversion.

6: The Russian Sleep Experiment
Another video, two videos in fact. These ones are just audio over stills. Unfortunately the audio is very quiet so you'll have to turn up your volume (I recommend muting programs that have alert sounds like Facebook chat, Msn Messenger and Avast Antivirus to avoid both deafening yourself and risking a heart attack). These videos don't have any sound-related jump scares so you won't get deafened by them.

7: Pokemon: Strangled Red
(Obviously I was more successful in finding video creepypastas than text ones because I'm lazy and I can multitask while listening but not while reading.) This is another pair of videos, actually narrated by the same person as the previous pair of videos. I found this one before the previous pasta, but I wanted to put some space between the Pokemon-related posts. I really liked this one, the story has a good progression and is well-written, the narrator has wonderful delivery and the imagery stuck with me for a while after. 

8: Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge 
I feel like I've tread this ground on my blog before. If I have I apologize, if not, YES I GET TO POST THIS!

This is probably my all time favourite set of creepy videos and text together. It's a long one, I warn you (these pastas seem to get longer as we go along, sorry)! But it is definitely my favourite out of all the pastas I've seen to date. The videos are good on their own if you don't feel like reading all the tiny text (this is some other guy's blog, I couldn't find a version that had both the text and videos together within easy linking reach, thankfully I've linked the version with "NEXT" buttons so it's not all one big post).

This post as far as I can tell is very true to the original, having both Jadusable's full text and the videos in the proper order to go with them. Really you don't have to read beyond "thetruth.txt" but you can if you want the whole experience. The videos are the best part in my opinion and certainly stand on their own. The inherent wrongness of it all to anyone who's played Majora's Mask is just brilliant.


9: Ted's Caving Story
This one is a LOOOOOOOOOONG one. No joke, it took me two days to get through it in between homework and classes. I've stuck this one at the end for a reason! If you really have nothing better to do, go read through it! It's....well, it's an older one, It was last updated quite a few years ago (2001) and as such the formatting is a little outdated (highly recommend using a browser with AdBlock to view this one otherwise there will be banners and popups galore). I won't spoil the ending, but don't hate me for how it concludes, I didn't write it!

Here you are, brave wanderer:


Just so you don't hate me for how the Caving Story ended, here's a bonus creepy video! Not exactly a creepypasta in and of itself, but certainly one that freaked me right the heck out when I first watched it in....oh grade 10 I think, maybe even earlier. It's made its rounds of the internet and there seems to be two reactions to it; either very disturbed or completely nonplussed. I haven't watched it for a while so I can't attest to whether or not it still scares me. I'm going to watch it right after posting this though, so we'll see! if claymation wasn't bad enough, eh?
(UPDATE: Nope, watched it again, still freaky.)

Here's "The Scary Thread" on The Escapist I mentioned earlier, in case you masochistic types are still looking for more:

So that's the Obligatory "Scary" Hallowe'en blog! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you all sleep well tonight!....MwahahahaHAAAAAAAAA!


Oh ok fine! Here's a funny one to ease your minds! Geez you guys are such crybabies!

Until next time!